The story all starts back in 2012....Mark was a bartender at Joe's Brewhouse, and Brandon was, well, just another bar regular. Over several months of just casual conversation, they eventually formed a great friendship. One day they sat out on the patio, most likely already a few beers deep, and thought to themselves..."Why don't we open up a bar?" They worked hard to make the dream a reality, and after several failed attempts they were offered the opportunity to purchase Joe's Brewhouse. What better way to make the dream a reality, than to buy the place where it all started! 


In January of 2015, they purchased the brewhouse and formed a partnership with Mark's dad, Mike. They decided to rename the place The South Concho Taphouse, SoCo Taphouse for short, and began remodeling the entire place. Remodeling was completed in March, and the doors officially opened to our first guest, the one and only Mickey, on March 16th, 2015. 


Here at SoCo, we pride ourselves on "Bringing Beer Back to the People." But what exactly does that mean? It means we believe in providing good quality craft beers, at an affordable price. There's been a surge in the craft beer market here in San Angelo, and we feel it's too ridiculously over priced. We don't like it, and we won't conform to it. People deserve to have great beer, at a good price. Period. 

Got a suggestion for a brew you'd like to see us carry? Or maybe you'd just like to heap some love upon us....LET US HEAR FROM YOU!


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